WEBSITES: Build yours or your future clients

Obviously, you need a kickass website (yours or clients) to drive traffic and promote services.  Here are a few sites to get you started.

GoDaddy – Once you’ve decided it’s time to build an online brand, the first place to start is your website. This process begins with deciding on a domain name (your internet address). GoDaddy has it all… Domain names, hosting, website builders and more.  It’s really easy to search for domain names for your business and I dare you to try to get through the process without looking up funny ones.  (Sorry folks,, and are already taken.)

Hosting Whereas GoDaddy is the easiest route, here are a list of other website hosts that you can look into.
Look at Linode, FLywheel & WP Engine.

Linode Hosting– For those looking for a more economical option, try Linode. It’s a VPS that is great if you’re comfortable with the Unix command line.  On a budget? Try shared hosting. Be careful with your selection though, as some will pull down your site if you get an unexpected spike in traffic.  One shared host that I would totally recommend is Dreamhost.  They offer a 100% uptime guarantee, even if you do hit a viral spike. 

WordPress – Duh, WordPress is great! This site was developed on WordPress, so obviously I would recommend it with the highest accolades. It’s free (although you may need to pay for a theme or custom design) and is easy to update yourself without any technical skills.

Also have a look at these themes for your site: Themify & Elegant Themes

Buffer – Maintaining a Twitter presence is vital. However, timing is everything for maximum exposure.  Try using Buffer to schedule tweets without the fuss.

Paypal – It’s how my clients pay me.  These are really cool payment apps that allow users to send money from bank account to bank account securely and easily.  The benefit of Paypal is that it’s been around for a long time and is used by most online retailers. Venmo offers the same services, but offers a social touch.  It allows friends and business contacts to see the “notes” of what the payment was for.  So, if a client pays you for web design services and puts in the payment notes “Thanks for the awesome web design”, other friends and potential clients can see it.  Essentially, providing another avenue for recommendation and accolades.

Payoneer – Hot on PayPals heels, this startup is making waves. The benefit of this app is that they also have a card option for withdrawals from ATM’s!

MailChimp – Aside from the awesome name, MailChimp is an awesome email-marketing tool. I use this for managing my subscriber lists and sending out newsletters. With over 15 million customers, they have the lock down on automation, advertising and facilitating more sales and awareness.

NetflixNetflix is the top player for streaming TV shows and movies. They have an amazing selection of new shows and classics, plus they are dominating the field in original series. If you are in a country that doesn’t support Netflix, then you’ll need a VPN like Witopia to connect to a country that does. Witopia provides the added benefit of being able to access Netflix content that is not supported in certain countries.  (i.e. Harry Potter films are available in Australia, but not the UK or US) Netflix offers a free 1-month trial and after that it’s only $9.99 a month.

Amazon Prime – Everyone knows how great the Amazon marketplace is, but for $99 a year, you can get Amazon Prime, which provides FREE 2-day shipping, free books, free music streaming and free movie streaming! It’s a great value.

TripAdvisor – I use this all the time for hotel, restaurant, and activity reviews. The peer reviews are incredibly helpful and this is a MUST HAVE resource for digital nomads.

Happy Cow – Where are my vegetarians?  This app’s for you! Happy Cow makes finding vegetarian restaurants around the world a breeze. Find out what is nearby or available in your next destination.  Plan ahead so you’re not stuck with an apple, 3 crackers and airline peanuts for dinner.

WikiTravel – Wikipedia is an amazing resource. It’s brother site, WikiTravel curates the content to travel relevant material including travel alerts, hiking recommendations and top destinations. As with Wikipedia, the quality of content varies, but it’s worth a peek if you’re going somewhere new.

Too Many Adapters – This site is really cool.  It provides tons of tips and tricks for travelers of any age or destination. They are a great resource for travel technology, How To’s, top picks and gear. Their posts about buying SIM cards in various countries, getting faster Internet and unlocking Google Map tricks are particularly useful.

Nomad List – This site ranks the best digital nomad cities around the world by criteria such as Wi-Fi speed, cost of living, and weather. I don’t always agree, but it’s a handy starting point if you’re thinking about trying something totally different.

Gazelle – If you’re ready for an upgrade, Gazelle is a pretty rad place to offload your old Mac laptop (or even phone). You can get a quote from the website and ship it for free with FedEx, easy peasy.  The downside, is that it’s only available in the US for now, but that’s a pretty good excuse to work abroad from California, Florida or Texas.  Plus, you can upgrade your equipment there while you’re at it. Technology is much cheaper to buy there than elsewhere.