Need that PROFESSIONAL touch

Want to get up and running quickly without the fuss?  Try outsourcing your web presence. We’ve worked with a couple of awesome and cost effective gurus.

BH Labs (website design) – Creating a website is a lot of work.  Are you pressed for time or have zero interest in the progression of web platforms?  Me too, I just want to do my work and get on with it. So I hired a guru.  Avi handles all the nitty gritty and I reap the rewards of a professional looking website without the hassle. He can handle all your design needs from hosting to design and eCommerce.  Done,  outsource it to BH Labs.  Sometimes it’s better to work smarter, not harder.

NickisNice on Fiverr – (facebook and content creation) – Creating a personal Facebook profile and a business profile are two different beasts. Developing the content is much more time intensive and requires a sophisticated and disciplined individual to maintain a single voice and coherent brand image. This is another category that unless you have ample time to dedicate to it, I would outsource it. Nick works on and runs a great ‘shop’. He creates engaging content that is brand specific, attractive and on-brand.  He’s a great communicator and has thorough knowledge of most social media platforms.