Check the FLIGHTS to get to your next paradise

Whether you know exactly where you want to work from or you’re letting fate guide you, there are an overwhelming number of flight comparison websites to choose from.  Here are some of my favorites.

Skyscanner – I always start with Skyscanner. If nothing else, it provides a baseline for pricing. I love it because it’s easy to use, includes budget airlines, and you can search for “everywhere” as your destination. It really should be your go to website when planning a trip.  You’ll likely shop around, but you’ll be back, trust me. (formerly Skypicker) – often comes up with routes that other searches don’t by combining charters and different airlines. Since airport taxes vary, Kiwi structures flights creatively to keep prices low.  The map view is a clever way to see which cities are cheapest to fly to.  By searching date ranges, you can schedule your trip based on the cheapest days to fly. Plus, their customer service is awesome.  My charter flight from Paris to Toronto was late forcing me to miss my connection to Detroit.  Kiwi funded an alternate flight with any airline up to 2X the value of my original ticket. 2 big thumbs up!

Travelzoo.comTravelzoo has a weekly top 20-List of supremely affordable getaways perfect for a Digital Nomad or Freelancer.  I found a round trip non-stop ticket from Los Angeles to London for $450 (taxes included) last April.  I wasn’t planning to go to London, but as a freelancer, I could work from anywhere, so I did!

Wow AirWow Air is trying to make Iceland a layover destination.  Their flight fares laying over in Reykjavik are unbeatable.  LA to Paris in March for $149 each way?  Yes please.

Agoda – is another very cool site for finding flexible flights.  Like the others, you can set a date range for travel, but you can also add a region as the destination.  So you can find the cheapest place in Asia to fly to/from Bangkok.  I really like Agoda because I can view the results by best, cheapest and fastest depending on my timeline and budget.

ITA Matrix – ITA Matrix is an interesting site.  It provides a sense of buyer security. Rather than selling flights directly, it uses software to find the best flights from a host of other flight searches.  This is a great tool for shopping around.  Plus, if you’re like many others that are hesitant to book through a 3rd party site, ITA Matrix pin points the optimal flights for you and you can just go direct to the airline to purchase.