Photos bring the words alive

Stock photography is used all the time and you probably don’t even notice it.  You probably saw some today and did not pay attention.  If you looked at a magazine, browsed the web, saw a billboard, or even watched the news you probably saw some stock photography.

Stock photography is images that can be used in a general way, and are not photographed for a specific client or use.  Theses images can be of common landmarks, concepts, and events that can be used and reused for commercial design purposes.

The biggest need of stock photography is that it is AFFORDABLE.  It is very expensive to hire a photographer to take a specific photo.  Yes, hiring a photographer is needed in a lot of circumstances. A photo of the CEO, a specific story line, a news story on location, and hundreds of other examples are where stock just would not work.

But in the scheme of things, stock photos are used a great deal.  Open any magazine and start looking at the photos.  There will be a credit underneath the image, along the side of the image, and sometimes even in the bind seam of the magazine.  Once you start to notice these credits you will see many different stock agency names.  You will also see credit from specific professional photographers.  It is amazing what you see when you look at the details.

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