Digital Wallets & Exchanges

The quick way is to set up your wallet and then choose an exchange. We know how scary it can be to start out, and please (again) always research your options and make sure that you ALWAYS understand that there is a risk. High risk vs high rewards!

First look at Luno or Coinbase to buy your bitcoins. Both have high rBitcoin Walleteputations and give you a quality service.

Then for trading, either CEX or Bittrex. These exchanges offer many options for buying/ selling a variety of altcoins. We personally wouldnt look further. 

Another interesting one to try where you can make instant cash to your PayPal account from ‘lending’ bitcoins is xcoins. You just transfer in your bitcoins and express how much to lend. Once people borrow, they deposit the cash (fiat) equivalent plus a service fee (around 15%) direct into your PayPal. If & when they are ready to replace the bitcoins you lent, they contact you direct and return the cash less the service fee. 

We have tested many others and these above are perfect  for getting started.