Taking the Freelancer Leap

Creativity is not inherent to everyone.  Many businesses thrive on ROI, P&L and other financial and sales-based metrics. So much so that marketing, design and communications are outsourced on an as-needed basis. Right-brained people, those that process information and express creatively, are in high demand to fill such roles. That demand coupled with the part-time nature of the need, makes being a freelancer an exciting, yet scary profession to venture into.


If you work as a freelancer online, its is kind of like establishing a creative hedge fund.  You maximize your opportunity and limit your risk by working with various clients generating a broad range of deliverables. The exciting part is that the freedom you possess over the variety of clientele, timing, workload and geography are completely up to you.  The sky is the limit to your success, and that is the scary part.

Satisfy Your Creativity 

Desk jobs breed monotony. You may start out doing something you love, but after several months or years on the job, the lack of variety stunts your creativity. Freelancing allows you to work for several clients, doing various types of work that is constantly challenging, increasingly stimulating and creatively satisfying. Without the confinement of staying in your lane, you’re able to pitch new ideas to clients that may actually be able to implement and help your concept materialize.

Get extra Income

Rarely do you find someone that says, “I am paid what I am worth.” Or “I make way to much money for what I need.”Freelancing allows you to turn your free time into stimulating added income.  You get to choose the projects and clients, so putting in a little extra time on the side is actually an enjoyable way to boost your bank account.  Plus, by keeping your day job, you maintain the financial stability and healthcare that you’re accustomed to, but generate even more income and creative stimulation. You can start to make money online at home in your spare time.

Develop new career options

Freelancing takes hard work, especially at first.  Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easy.  Freelancing hones your skills and increases your productivity, creativity and ability to articulate.  With that being said, starting off may advance slower than expected. After all, just as you had to be convinced to freelance, client’s also need to be convinced to take a chance on you, particularly if it is a new relationship. As you build your clientele list and become an expert in your field, things will indefinitely become much more exciting. Freelancing opens up the opportunity to do something you REALLY love (if you aren’t already doing it) and set work/life boundaries allowing you to make up your own rules.

Work from home (or abroad as a Digital Nomad)

Lets face it, working from home is the ultimate work perk! For starters, the commute can’t be beat – no more traffic, no more crowded public transportation.  Dress codes, not here! If you want to work in your favorite fuzzy slippers, we won’t tell. In fact, if you want to work from your favorite coffee shop or a Caribbean cabana, as long as your wi-fi is top notch, we say ‘go for it!

If you work from home, you’ll only need:

A reliable laptop/ computer
a stable Wi-Fi connection
a (cell)phone number or video conference tool
an email account and possibly a printer (if invoicing on paper is still your thing)

Just think, no more office politics, no more timecards and no more cubicles.  You can play whatever music motivates you. You can generate your own hours, lunch schedule and workload.  You are your own boss and you make the rules. You work remotely from home!

Holidays are on your terms

While you’re making the rules, how about unlimited vacation time? A traditional job restricts your holiday to as little as 2 weeks.  As a freelancer, you control how much or how little you work. Once a project is completed, it’s up to you whether or not you take on the next project.  So, go ahead and take a couple weeks off to explore the Greek Islands.  Freelancers can work from anywhere, it’s up to you as to whether you want to tune-in or tune-out. If an emergency arises with one of your ongoing projects, just find reliable wi-fi and whip out your laptop or smartphone to seamlessly address the issue – you’re a freelancer, you can work from virtually anywhere.

Is Freelancing right for you?

Freelancing sounds amazing – and it is.  However, it’s not for everyone. Freelancing requires self-discipline and the ability to motivate yourself. On-site workers have the benefit of having a supervisor to pressure them and reinforce deadlines.  As a freelancer, you still need to be able to meet similar deadlines, manage your time and push yourself toward your own success. There is no big brother and there is no mentor.  The sky is the limit to your success and earning potential provided that you have the discipline and focus to adhere to deadlines, commitments and the growth of your network.

It begins with asking yourself one question, “how do I make money from home?”